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Treetop Publications is pleased to provide a listing of favorite links to like-minded organizations.

American Treeing Feist Association. ATFA is a family oriented association which encourages the participation of the entire family.
Appalachia Adventures. Hunting, fishing and wilderness survivial in North Carolina and Tennessee.
Black Oak Catahoulas. Black Oak Catahoulas is an NALC Certified Breeder and a member of the American Catahoula Association. They breed NALC/UKC registered Catahoulas and specialize in large blue leopards and red leopards for stock work, hunting, show, and companionship.
C&S Mountain Curs. Home of Streak's Redman and Sad River Sad.
Castlehill Mountain Curs.
Cat's Cradle Catahoulas. Breeder of NALC Registered Catahoulas.
Cherokee Guide Service. The Cherokee Guide Service offers a listing of hunting and miscellaneous links of interest.
Continental Kennel Club (CKC). The All-Breed, Hassle-Free Kennel Club.
Dog Info Center. Information center for German Jagdterriers, Jack Russell's Mullins' Feist, Mullins' Stock and TSD mag.
Full Cry Magazine. America's leading tree hound magazine and the absolute best source for a variety of tree dog information.
Kemmer Stock Mtountain Cur Breeders Association. Mark Jones does an excellect job on this site. Be sure to check out their message board.
National Kennel Club. The National Kennel Club has operated since 1970 to help dog owners register any purebred dog.
Professional Kennel Club Homepage. All the latest about PKC.
Reedy Creek Kennels. Mountain Curs.
Six-Gun Kennels.
Squirrel Dog Central. Talk about squirrel dogs.
Tennessee's Amazing Treeing Curs.
Tri State Trail and Tree Dog Association. Tri-State Trail and Tree Dog Association has approximately 400 members in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and many other states in the United States.
UKC Cur and Feist Program. Good information related to UKC and curs and feist in general.