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The following is a Table of Contents for the book, Squirrel Dog Basics, A Guide to Hunting Squirrels with Dogs. Follow the links to find out what additional topics are included in each of the chapters.

Left: The author is shown with his trusty squirrel dog, Wallace.
E x p a n d e d  Table of Contents available in html and PDF formats.
Table of Contents

Foreword - by Seth R. Gault
Preface - by David A. Osborn
Part I - Introduction to Squirrel Dogs
   Chapter 1:  What is a Squirrel Dog?
   Chapter 2:  Squirrel Dog Classification
Part II - Getting Started, About Dennis Eiland
   Chapter 3:  Selecting a Squirrel Dog (Advice from Dennis Eiland)
   Chapter 4:  Training a Squirrel Dog (Advice from Dennis Eiland)
Part III - Guide to Squirrel Dogs, General History of Curs, About the Breed Profiles
   Chapter 5:  Cur Breeds
   Chapter 6:  Feist Breeds
   Chapter 7:  Terrier Breeds
   Chapter 8:  Other Breeds
Part IV - Hunting Squirrels
   Chapter 9:  Pleasure Hunting
   Chapter 10:  Competition Hunting
   Chapter 11:  Hunting Equipment
Part V - About the Quarry
   Chapter 12:  Gray and Fox Squirrels
   Chapter 13:  Squirrel Biology
   Chapter 14:  Squirrel Management
   Chapter 15:  Preparing Squirrels
Part VI - Other Resources
   Chapter 16:  Tree Dog Vocabulary
   Chapter 17:  Dog Enthusiast Groups
   Chapter 18:  References
About the Author